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 اكثر الافعال استخداما في اللغة الانجليزية .. 100 فعل

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مُساهمةموضوع: اكثر الافعال استخداما في اللغة الانجليزية .. 100 فعل   الأربعاء فبراير 06, 2008 2:37 am

These are the 100 most common verbs that are used nowadays

take a look at them

accept يوافــق
He asked her to marry him, and she accepted

allow يسمـــح
Don't allow your children to raise their voice

ask يســأل
If you don't know the answer, ask your friend

believe يعتــقد - يؤمــن
I believe that most students don't like reading

borrow يستعـير
I went to the library to borrow some books

break يكسر - يقطع
The boy broke his leg whan he fell down

bring يحضــر
Bring your notebooks with you next time

buy يشــتري
I don't have enough money to buy a new car

can/be able يستـطيـع
Sami can (is able to) speak English for five minutes

cancel يلــغي
The meeting was cancelled because I didn't come

change يغير- يتغير
My chair was broken, so I changed it

clean ينظف
Your room is very nice. You clean it everyday

comb يمشط – يسرح شعره
The girl combed her hair quickly, and went out

complain يشكو من- يشتكي
The workers complained about the shortage of food

cough يسعل - يكح
He has got cold. He coughs a lot

count يعــد - يحسب
No one can count the stars of the sky

cut يقص - يقطع
This cloth is large. Cut it into two parts

dance يرقـص
In the party, we had dinner, listened to music, and danced

draw يرسم
The child is able to draw a beautiful picture

drink يشرب
I am thirsty. I think I want something to drink

drive يقود (سيارة)
It is a good thing to drive slowly on the curved roads

eat يأكل
I am hungry. I think I want something to eat

explain يوضح
I didn't understand your idea. Could you explain more

fall يسقط
Tree leaves fall in the autumn season

fill يملأ
We are travelling to a far place. We need to fill the tank

find يـجــد
I searched for my keys everywhere, but didn't find them

finish ينتهي من- ينتهي
After you finish reading, turn off the lights of the room

fix يصــلح
My computer printer doesn't work. I will have it fixed

fit يناسب - يطابق
The new suit fits the color of my shoes

fly يطـير - يسافر
Most birds can fly to very high distances

forget ينسى
I can't remember your name. I forgot it

give يعطي
I need a paper. Give me one, please

go يذهب
Students go to school every morning

have يملك
I have three books, three pens, and a ruler

hear يسمع
Raise your voice. I can not hear you clearly

hurt يجرح - يؤلم
My lungs hurt me whenever I cough

know يعرف - يعلم
Do you know where my brother went

learn يتعلم
I like English. So, I want to learn it

leave يغادر
Don't leave the class until you finish writing the exercise

listen يستمع (إلى)
I don't like listening to music in my room

live يسكن - يعيش
I live in Saudi Arabia, while John lives in the USA

look ينظر (إلى)
Look at the picture to find the bird

lose يخسر - يفقد
The football team lost three games and won four

make/do يعمل – يفعل – يقوم بـ
I made some mistakes when I did the exercise

need يحتاج
I am busy now. I need another person to help me

open يفتــح
When the class door is closed, don't open it

close/shut يغلــق
It is too cold here. Would you please close/shut the window

organize ينظم – يرتـب
The room is untidy. You should organize your things

pay يـدفع
You have to pay $10 for the ticket to watch the game

play يلـعب
He's playing a nice game now
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اكثر الافعال استخداما في اللغة الانجليزية .. 100 فعل
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